Eczema Treatment in Glasgow

Eczema Treatment in Glasgow

Eczema Treatment in GlasgowWelcome to our page about Eczema Treatment in Glasgow. Eczema is a very common problem of the skin and is associated with Dermatitis. This condition can be extremely irritating to the skin and causes inflammation to the skin`s upper layers. Eczema is also the name which relates to a wide range of persistant or recurring skin rashes that are characterised by redness, itching and dryness.

In particular cases where Eczema is more severe, the outer surfaces of the skin may also display a rough scaly appearance. Eczema has multiple degrees of severity, and every individual case differs from another in most parts. The condition can be acute, sub-acute or chronic. Various treatments are currently available, and they can go a long way in helping to effectively manage this debilitating condition. Certain medications may even help the Eczema disappear completely.

Types of Eczema

There are a number of Eczema types that you need to be made aware of. Atopic Dermatits is usually the most common form of Eczema in young children, but is also known to affect adults of any age aswell. Reassuringly, most children will see their Eczema symptoms fade away as they get older, though some may have a tendency to experience sensitive dry skin in adulthood.

Alternative forms of Eczema which people may well suffer from include Allergic Contact Dermatitis and Irritant Contact Dermatitis. Being able to accurately diagnose the exact type of Eczema for a patient is crucial in prescribing an effective treatment plan. At Dermatologist Glasgow we can offer Patch Testing, in addition to other allergy testing at our private Glasgow Dermatology Clinic.

Treatment of Eczema

Eczema treatment in Glasgow can on some occasions be a complex process.A maintenance programme of skin care may be typically involved to reduce the incidence of flare ups. This treatment helps in the reduction of acute episodes and prevents further occurances happening.

The application of Topical steroids are well known to be the best form of treatment for Eczema, and at times have been subject to some bad publicity in the press. Naturally this has caused some concern amongst the general public regarding their safety.

However, the preparations for this particular form of treatment have been in existence for 40 years or more, so the side effects and safety profile are well established. Your Eczema Dermatologist at Dermatologist Glasgow is very qualified in this area, and will be able to expertly guide you on how to use topical steroid treatment in a totally safe manner.

It will be explained that your skin will not in any way be damaged or harmed, plus they will also highlight any steroid treatments that may be alternatively open to you, based on your particular circumstances.

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