Mohs Surgery Glasgow

Mohs Surgery Glasgow

mohs surgery glasgowMohs Surgery – or Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a technique that specialises in the removal of certain growths and skin cancers. This method is particularly acknowledged by many as the most successful type of treatment for both Squamous Cell and Basal Cell Carcinomas. The highly skilled team at Dermatologist Glasgow are very experienced in performing Mohs surgery.

After the tumour that was cancerous has been removed, the specialist will examine and assess the surrounding skin carefully under a microscope to make sure the malignant cells have been totally eradicated. If necessary, and any further work needs to be done, then he or she will remove some more skin, and check once again. The aim of this process is to be 100% beyond doubt that the dangerous cancer cells have been totally eliminated, whilst attempting to maintain as much of the healthy skin as possible. Larger and more aggressive skin cancers usually require Mohs Surgery as the preferred form of treatment.

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