Mole Removal in Glasgow

Mole Removal in Glasgow

mole removal in glasgowMole Removal in Glasgow – Every person has roughly between ten to forty moles on their body by the time they reach adulthood. For the majority of people, moles are really nothing to worry about, however for others who have observed a mole that has suddenly appeared or looks suspicious, a a professional opinion and diagnosis at a mole removal clinic may be the wisest choice they make.

As a practicing Glasgow Dermatologist and skin specialist, I have performed hundreds if not thousands of mole removals and have many years experience of various skin surgeries. My extensive experience in this area makes me suitably qualified as the perfect choice for patients looking for mole removal in Glasgow.

Treatment Options

I am asked frequently for an opinion on the best way to remove a mole and the much publicised scar-less techniques that are offered by various salons and clinics. As a leading medical practitioner and specialist at mole removal here in Glasgow, I personally believe one of the safest and if not best ways to remove a mole is by utilising surgical excisions.

The same has to be said for laser treatments. I would not really advise this method of treatment for moles as the subsequent burned out moles could be problematic when undergoing proper laboratory analysis. Without detailed laboratory analysis (Histology) there are no guarantees once the mole is removed that it maybe cancerous or not. This would likely increase the distress to the patient despite having the mole removed.

What is more, there are countless stories, which include many posts featured in online forums where you can read about the results of patients who have sought alternative surgery. They highlight in great detail the very poor experiences with laser treatments and radio procedures, and describe how the moles begin to reappear again after just a few short months.

Why Choose Me?

As opposed to other clinics which are GP led, The Glasgow Dermatology Clinic has a fully qualified Dermatologist that will carry out all the procedures on site. Your friendly local Glasgow Dermatologist has performed mole removals from all over the body and results in a cosmetically pleasing outcome. I am certainly concious of how important the cosmetic result means to my patients.

What Is a Mole?

There are a number of different types of skin irregularities which can be classed as moles. These small growths occur when cells develop into a cluster rather than evenly spreading across the skin. The mole may appear raised or flat, ranging from a pink colour to a deep brown or even black. Moles can appear as early as birth, but in general most moles develop later on in life for most people. Sun exposure can also play a part aswell as genetics.

When To See a Doctor

In the vast majority of cases most moles are completely harmless, however, some moles may be an indication of skin cancer. If you are 30 years of age and over, and notice a new or existing mole that changes in shape, size or colour, it is highly recommended to have it examined by a doctor as soon as possible. Do not delay! Itchy spots that are painful or show signs of bleeding are also a reason to consult your doctor too.

Our Glasgow mole removal clinic can assess and eliminate cancerous moles and we also treat patients who would like moles removed for cosmetic purposes. Our mole removal clinic is busy and we see patients frequently who may be looking for mole analysis and mole removal.

Same Day Removal

There is a wide selection of mole removal creams available on prescription. However as is often the case, these particular creams tend to do more harm than good. The proven and most effective method of mole removal is by surgical procedure. this can be performed at my specialist mole removal clinic. Skin level excision is the most common form of removing a mole in Glasgow. This method involves cauterization and typically uses heat to control the bleeding. Cuts that are deeper will usually require stitching.

Excision by laser is performed by some clinics in the area but I do not recommend this. If you do decide on this form of treatment, it is very important to be sure the mole is not displaying any form of cancer.

If you are experiencing a new or existing mole which is of concern, or would like a mole eliminated from your body, my expert mole removal clinic can offer specialist advice and treatment. Contact me today to book your mole removal in Glasgow.

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